How to create objects in C# from a JSON File

I have been working on some software that will send a list of sms messages to people, based on a JSON file. The original data file was a marketing list, and that will be sent out via the Twilio API.

The data list can be updated at any stage, via the remote cloud database, hosted on Mongo Atlas. I created a webhook via the Stitch app, and the front end client now calls the file into the localhost, and it is ready for processing.

What is to be done now is to process the JSON file, by de-serialising it with NewtonSoft.JSON, and then to separate the required objects into ID and to mobile number, ready to add to the rest of the software design.

To start off with, it is worthwhile creating a for each loop, and to then process these into an array.

To do that we have to parse the data from the JSON file into an object. Here is a tutorial outlining this. TUTORIAL LINK.