Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane

First Page of Google

Are you looking to get your business website onto the first page of Google? What does this mean? This means that you get the right customers looking for you at the right time, every time. You are also more likely to get sales conversions right from your website. When your website is getting a lot of traffic, or you are paying for results, you want them to translate into a profit.

Sales are the Goal

A lot of digital marketing agencies promise to get you results so that you get web traffic, but we actively work with you beyond your website, in order to ensure that you are understanding the process of how you get customers. A website is merely the backbone of a marketing campaign. What is really imperative is:

  • having a web presence
  • developing a good reputation with your customers
  • understanding your target customer
  • positioning yourself in the market well
  • helping you provide solutions to your customers’ pain points
  • educating your customers
  • reaching our to your target consumer
  • looking at marketing endeavours off the Internet in order to reach customers

We provide search optimisation services with results based metrics. We can show you and tell you what we have done for people. What we are in the business of doing is not just offering you a website, but a mentoring service and referrals in order to help you create a successful business.

Business Mentoring and Education Services (Brisbane)

We have an extensive network of people who we work with and can refer you to, in order to put you in the best position for success. The person who is looking to get started in business is who we target ourselves towards, and getting them up and running, and sustainable and pushing towards growth is where our talents lie.

We have worked with people on the NEIS program, and receive a lot of referrals from here. If you want to be able to receive funding, or receive assistance from us to get you into business, we can provide a unique mentoring service. Not only do we provide full in house digital marketing, but websites, video production, and whatever sundry tailored services are appropriate to meet your consumer demands.

We discuss with your business what we need to do to individually tailor a package for you, at a competitive price. Our websites start from $500, which includes your domain, and a year’s hosting. We provide 24 hours, 7 days a week support via a ticketing service. We have telephone support available during business hours (Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm).

Working with NEIS participants and other startup entrepreneurs is a process that is engaging and rewarding. We believe in giving people a hand up, not just a hand-out. We have been approached by people who we have provided charitable services to, and we have provided these on a voluntary basis.

All charitable business mentoring will now be provided within the scope of the charity we are beginning, called Hand Up. More information will be provided about this in the future.