Social Media Management

Manage Social Media (Brisbane)

We will manage your social media, and scale your followers up into the thousands. With customise hashtags specifically towards your business, we will promote you to an army of adoring superfans.

Social media management can cost you in the thousands of dollars. We are working on unique solutions tailored to each business, and we charge from $80 per week to manage your social media brand. We have customised social media packages.

Become an Instagram Influencer

We can create you an Instagram following of 20,000 followers, complete with a month’s worth of content to get your brand started for example, from $1000. Compare this to other businesses, where some will charge you a minimum of $2000 per month, with no followers and only content added to your account.

We can provide you with content specifically targeted to your market, including videos, memes, graphic design, logos and e-books. We charge on a fair basis, and will also undercut your cheapest quote (within reason) by ten percent. We desire to offer fair and reasonable services, and position ourselves in the market to be affordable and accessible.

Do you have a Facebook Page?

A lot of businesses have a Facebook page, and find that managing their page can be time consuming, and a lot of it is hit and miss. Finding and curating a year’s worth of social media, or creating a whole plan, or trying to choose what software to automate your social media platform to can be incredibly painful. We take the pain out of it for you.

Post Quality Content on LinkedIn

Linked In is the social media networking site for business professionals. There are also a lot of groups we can strategically target you on over other social media platforms. These are several of the main ones. Did you know there are eight or more main platforms you should be targeting your social media campaigns across? Does it sound painful?

Free Social Media Strategy

If you would like to discuss your current social media plan with us, and receive a free evaluation, plus a free one month plan to help you with strategic content and help to reach out to the right people to buy your products and services, let us help. Request a callback here. We will get back to you within the next three business days.

We can also provide you with affordable website development.