Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions


Almond Digital Technologies may offer discounts from time to time. These are offered on a discretionary basis, and once the discount period for a particular offer is over, not more discounts for that particular offer will apply.

Free Services

Customers are limited to one free consultation per customer. This includes one x one hour business strategy consultation, or one x one social media consultation. The customer may also be offered some free content to place on his or her blog, limited to no more than three digital assets (e.g. 3 x 500 word blog pieces, 3 x instagram videos, 3 x graphic art pieces).

Technical Support

Support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via the customer ticketing system. Turnaround time for response is up to five business days. Almond Digital Technologies provides affordable services, so in order to provide affordable services we have to allow for a queue system where customers may wait up to five business days for a response due to customer load. Urgent requests may be made by telephone Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Urgent requests are classified as:

  • Website is currently offline
  • Domain is not working
  • Other urgent information technology requests
  • Customer payment gateway failure

Non-urgent requests are considered to be:

  • Content updates
  • Sales enquiries
  • Additional design requests

If a request is made via telephone which is deemed to be non-urgent, and also of a nature which is reasonable to delay to request via the normal means of request, then Almond Digital Technologies is entitled to bill the customer at a nominal hourly rate of $75 AUD per hour during business hours, or $200 per hour after business hours.


Almond Digital Technologies provides services within the scope of providing business education and mentoring as an adjunct free service (at its own discretion) in addition to the provision of the following:

  • Websites
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Consulting

Any free services (such as business advice) are to be deemed not under a statutory warranty, and the customer (being paying, or non-paying, anyone who has consulted Almond Digital Technologies on an intermittent or casual basis) waives any liability towards Almond Digital Technologies in terms of business performance, loss or other negative event related to any contact with Almond Digital Technologies.

  • Paid services will be provided as per individual contract, will be warrantied as follows:
  • Technical services will be provided for 12 months for websites
  • For other services, for the duration of the contract, provided the customer has fully paid all invoices
  • Technical support has been sought appropriately by the customer
  • Mediation

Nothwithstanding, any disagreements between Almond Digital Technologies, its contractors, stakeholders, associated parties will agree to mediation services prior to engaging in legal action in order to resolve any disputes that arise between exchange of communication.

International and Australian Statutory Warranties

Agreements between Almond Digital Technologies and other parties (clients as defined above) are subject to international warranties when payment has taken place for services.

Payment Terms

Almond Digital Technologies has the following payment terms for customers.

  1. Customers may pay for all services up front, and receive a 10% discount for upfront payment.
  2. Customers may pay in instalments (50% upfront, 25% halfway through project, remainder 25% on completion).
  3. If customer fails to make complete payment for service, Almond Digital Technologies has the right to abandon the project to the extent of what has been completed according to the percentage of payment, in a suitable means that is fair to both parties.


Almond Digital Technologies owns all content on websites, and other social media products, digital print publications, videos and other sundry productions. Clients pay for a licensing fee in order to use the intellectual property of Almond Digital Technologies, unless the client provides his/her/their digital assets.

Trading Terms and Conditions

Almond Digital Technologies is currently undergoing a corporate restructuring with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and whilst this is occurring, Lori Veronica Woodward is providing freelance services under the business ABN: 

99 583 970 580

Contact Details

You can contact Almond Digital Technologies via email:


Via post at:

PO BOX 7055 Redland Bay Qld 4165

Or by Phone at +61 0422 845 274